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diy versailles planters

My super sweet hubby made me a pair of Versailles planters to flank my front door for Mother's Day this year and I absolutely LOVE how they turned out!  He's made me a lot of things over the years, but these are definitely my new favorites, hands down.  I finally got around to taking some pictures of them over the weekend so I could share the steps on how he made them, in case any of you were interested in making a pair of your own!  There are a ton of different plans online (you can see a few I posted here) but the hubby ended up winging it for mine and they couldn't have turned out better!  These bad boys are on the larger side, which is exactly what I wanted; I tend to think almost anything oversize makes for a much more dramatic impression and that's definitely what I got with these!

We got everything he needed at Lowe's - all the wood was plain old white pine, nothing fancy, because I was going to paint the planters once he built them.  My planters are 33 inches high (with the finals) and 25 inches wide; here is the cut list for ours:

What you'll need:

(2) 2 inch x 2 inch x 8 foot pieces, cut to 30 inches long, for the corner pieces (4 pieces per box)

(10) 1 inch x 6 inch x 8 foot boards, cut to 27 inch pieces.  We used 4 pieces per side of each box (so you'll need 16 pieces per box)

(5) 1 inch x 3 inch x 8 foot boards, cut to 22 inch pieces, for the top and bottom of each side of the box (you'll need 8 pieces per box).

One pack of 1 1/4 inch wood screws

One pack of 1 1/4 inch kreg jig screws

Kreg jig

Table saw


Decorative wood finials

Primer, paint, paint brush

To make the process a little more seamless, he cut all of the wood for each box at once:

Next, he assembled each of the sides, screwing each 27 inch board to the top and bottom pieces using an electric drill:

Using a kreg jig, he then attached the corners to each piece:

This is what each side will look like when you're done:

Next, attach each side to the other using your kreg jig; of course, I don't have a picture of this step, but you'd basically do the same as you did to attach the corner pieces to each side.  It will look like this when you're done:

Once each box was done, we drilled holes in the top of each corner and attached round wooden curtain finials.  I used these from Lowe's:

Next up, I gave them two coats of primer and three coats of glossy white exterior latex paint (I used Sherwin Williams Extra White), letting each coat dry completely before applying the next and that was it!

I usually have the biggest ferns I can find flanking my front door but this year it was too hot and I was way too pregnant to be gallivanting all over town looking for some, so I settled for two palms from Lowe's in each, instead.  I actually think I like them just as much as the ferns!  To keep them at the right height inside the boxes, my husband used some scrap wood to build a bottom inside, about a foot down from the top.

Every time I turn onto my street, I smile to myself at the impact these beauties make on our front porch.  The white is so crisp against the green palms and the size is so dramatic - the exact first impression I want to make when greeting guests to my house!

Happy Hump Day, everyone!


friday five

This has been a mighty long week; the hubby worked reverse schedule until the wee hours of the morning every day, so baby girl and I had to find things to do outside of the house in the mornings so he could get some sleep and for some reason, this was the week my little angel decided to have one emotional meltdown after another.  Is it a full moon soon or what?  I am in dire need of some sleep and a strong cocktail, but since I've still got about 16 weeks to go until I can sip the latter, I'll settle for some time spent by the pool this weekend, instead! Here are my Friday Five for this week; I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

My grocery store-bought sunflowers are still going strong a week and a half later, adding a bit of sun to a couple rainy, gloomy days this week:

There's nothing better than heading into the weekend with a clean house, even if it will only last less than an hour before I see furballs and toys everywhere.....

If you guys follow me on Instagram (@bungalowblue) you might have seen that my dear hubba hubba started making me a set of Versailles planters for Mother's Day.  They still need round ball finials at the top corners, but he did an AMAZING job on them!  We made a bit of a rookie mistake, however, by going over the measurements in the driveway and not the front porch, so when he put the first one by the front door, I choked a little at just how big they were!  They've grown on me since and now I'm on a quest for the biggest ferns I can find.  A full post on how he made them is coming soon!

I ordered a copy of Hamptons Entertaining and DEVOURED each and every page of gorgeous table settings, outdoor party setups and mouth watering menu plan and recipe!  Not only is this a beautiful book, but it's also chock full of great ideas for entertaining at home - both indoors and out - this spring and summer!

I caught Lydia sneaking lilies out of a vase in the living room the other day and running off to her room with them, so I decided to start to pick up a little bunch for her whenever I got some for myself.  They make her so happy, how could I not?


obsessed: versailles planters

I've been pining for a pair of oversize Versailles planters to flank my front door ever since we built our house six years ago.  Their classic shape is so elegant and not only do they look amazing with a few coats of high gloss paint but they work in so many design styles, too.  Sadly, a pair of these babies (or at least the ones I've seen and fallen in love with) can run close to the same as a monthly mortgage payment so I've settled for zinc lookalike urns made of fiberglass, instead.  But oh, how these planters call to my ever loving heart:


Cote de Texas

House Beautiful

Howard Design Studio

Gil Schafer

Bruce Budd via Architectural Digest

Howard Design Studio

Andrew Skurman Architeccts


Traditional Home

I got a wild hair a few weeks ago to look online and see if I could find any decent plans to build my own and, much to my surprise, there were a bunch of pretty good ones!  Here are a few that caught my eye:

Love this tutorial for a more traditional (short but wide) planter:

Another great DIY for a Restoration Hardware-inspired pair (I LOVE the ball finials!):

Love the pair Centional Girl built for her back porch!  Her step-by-step instructions are so easy to follow:

I'm hoping to tackle a pair of these for my porch this weekend, so stay tuned to see which ones we go with!  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!