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embracing the chaos

I've sat down to write this post about a hundred times the last few days but part of embracing the chaos that is life with a toddler and a newborn means that there is zero free time to go to the bathroom, let alone update the blog! And we are STILL in the midst of the longest lasting construction project going on upstairs, which is giving me a fair share of gray hairs.  I'm wearing lots of hats, applying under eye concealer with a shovel and I honestly don't remember the last time I shaved my legs, but I've never been happier (or more exhausted)!

Luca is ten weeks old now and is an absolute angel baby; I don't knowif it's because I'm so much more relaxed than I was when I had Lydia, but he's just the sweetest baby.  He loves to watch his sister and is a champion snuggler, which is partly why I don't get anything done because I'm so reluctant to put him down!  I'm still finding my footing, in terms of a routine, but he sleeps well and nurses even better and is growing at a record pace!  The only frustration is that he's a champion at spitting up.  We go through three outfits, on average, before lunch time and I have to time going anywhere around when I'm going to feed him because I have to hold him upright for 30 minutes after.  The doctor says he will outgrow it and that it's just a "laundry problem" since he's so big and is not in any discomfort, but it's still so heartbreaking to watch him do it and even more difficult for me to watch all that breast milk come back up!  

Lydia took to her baby brother immediately and honestly, has been so much better than we ever could have expected.  She's definitely testing me more than she ever did before but I made it a point from the very beginning to make her a part of everything - changing diapers, giving baths, reading stories and singing lullabies - she's so eager to help and we make a huge deal and fuss over her anytime she does something for her brother and to watch her beam with pride makes me so happy!  She's got her moments, though, like any other toddler with a new sibling, and it's usually between the hours of 4 and 8 pm when the house is more like a zoo/circus/mental ward while I attempt to make dinner, clean up, give baths...  I know I'll get into a routine soon enough and that these days won't last forever, and honestly, I feel more sadness than relief at that thought because it's all going so fast. All I want for Christmas is for my babies to stay little!

I've been on Instagram a lot lately, it's so much easier to snap and post a pic, so follow along there for more updates @bungalowblue!  Happy Monday!


he's here!

(5 days new, last week, and stealing his momma's heart)

My sweet little love bug, Luca James, made his grand debut the day before my birthday (his actual due date) on 2 September, at 900 pm!  He was 8 pounds, 12 ounces and 21 inches of pure sweetness and we are so, so in love!  He's got the most incredible head of jet black hair and the bluest eyes, just like his big sister and momma and daddy have a serious case of heart eyes! This newborn phase is so fleeting (I can't believe he's 12 days old already) so I've been soaking up every single moment and wishing I could bottle how amazing he smells!  Lydia is the best big sister ever; she's all about helping and holding him and smothering him in kisses, which warms my heart even more!

(meeting baby brother in the hospital)

Everyone told me that, with the second baby, time goes twice as fast and they weren't lying - between constant nursing and changing diapers, I'm playing dress up with Lydia or baking in her kitchen, just taking it all in.  I saw a quote the other day that simply said, "of all the things I'm proud of, being a mother is, by far, my greatest achievement".  And it's so true.  Thank you all for following along on this journey with me!  It's back to regularly scheduled blogging soon, I promise, but in the meantime, give me ALL the sushi....


she's here!

Hello, hello!  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are off to a fabulous start in 2014!  I apologize for the silence on the blog the last couple weeks, but, if you follow me on Instagram (@bungalowblue), you know we welcomed our little Christmas bundle exactly two weeks ago today and I have been flying high on cloud nine ever since!  My sweet little Lydia - she came into the world with a bang and has had both her mama and daddy wrapped around her teeny tiny fingers ever since!  I had to include a sneak peek from our photographer from her newborn photo shoot last weekend - looking at this pic makes my heart want to explode, I'm so head over heels!  Thank you so much for all your sweet emails and comments along the way; I am truly blessed to have such wonderful readers!  Now that I'm accustomed to lack of sleep and have a MUCH better handle on nursing (no one tells you how HARD it really is!), I am excited to return to regular blogging next week!  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!