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new lantern lighting for my kitchen


This post is a LONG time coming - and not just because it's been forever since I've blogged!  It's taken me seven years to make up my mind on a chandelier for my breakfast nook and then find one I won't get tired of as soon as it's installed, but I'm excited to say I've found the perfect, linear, oversize lantern and I'm OBSESSED!  If you guys have been reading along here for a while you know I've had my heart set on finding an oversized lantern light for over my breakfast table but the search has been ridiculous because everything I found was either dwarfed by my vaulted ceilings or cost a couple month's worth of mortgage payments.'s much harder than you might think to find a ginormous lantern chandelier for less than a down payment on a car!

I had seen the Sheffield 8-light lantern chandelier by Ballard Designs before but it wasn't until a few weeks ago when another catalogue landed in my mailbox that I thought it just might work in my space.  It was also on major sale so I bit the bullet and ordered it and you know what?  I LOVE IT!  It's just what the space needed; it's the perfect size, the finish is beautiful and the guy who installed it said he was amazed at the quality. 

The only thing I will say I wasn't crazy about was the fake wax drip candle sleeves (sorry, Ballard), but that was a quick and easy fix.  I ordered a pack of plain white plastic sleeves from Amazon and gave them a few light coats of Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint, which matches the finish so perfectly.  This is a great way to modernize a chandelier on the cheap!

I finally feel like this space is finished, which is really saying a lot because I've constantly been changing things up to compensate for the fact that I had the wrong size lighting in here for so long. It adds just the right amount of drama and the prettiest, softest light (I used 15 watt bulbs).  I highly, highly recommend this fixture if you're looking for an oversize lantern light.  Thank you, Ballard...from the bottom of my oversize lantern loving, indecisive heart, thank you!


dramatic outdoor lighting

I'm on the hunt for some dramatically oversize lantern lights for my front porch-my current ones are beautiful, but they just aren't cutting it for me, size-wise, and when it comes to making a fabulous first impression, bigger is almost always better!  While I go back and forth over front door colors (still don't know if I can commit to light blue, but it's definitely in my top three!), at least I'll have some dramatic lighting until I can make up my mind!  Charleston has been a huge source of inspiration for me - so many of the homes in the downtown Historic District sport the most amazing gas lanterns that are lit 24/7.  Looking back on some of our trip photos has me even more motivated to get a move on and make a decision:

Here are a few other examples of how oversize lantern lighting can really make an entry so much more warm and inviting:




It's been tough finding generously-sized lights that won't break the bank, but here are a few that I'm loving lately:

I'm loving this copper beauty that I saw in Lowe's of all places!  It's size (24 inches!) and patina are so incredibly striking, the online image doesn't do it justice: 

The Bishop collection from Quorum offers a 28 inch wall mount light and I'm loving its lines and color, as well:

This picture is crap, but this one is actually a beautiful matte black and the glass is a lot prettier in person, again from Lowes! 

Decisions, decisions!  Which one is your favorite?