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new foyer lamps + how to create a "zinc" finish

Three blog posts in one week, can you believe it?  I'm still behind on laundry by three loads, but I have to say, it feels soooooo good to be back to blogging on what I hope I can make a regular basis!  On the heels of Wednesday's post, I still have lighting on the brain, this time in the form of new pair of huge table lamps for my foyer!  If you follow me on Instagram (@bungalowblue) you may remember me posting a while back about how one of the lamps in my foyer mysteriously broke into one hundred pieces while we were watching Game of Thrones last season.  I've had such a hard time findinganother pair  that I like that are also big enough; the last set was 31 inches high which is perfect for us because both the hubby and I are tall and I hate walking by and being able to see over the lamp and seeing the bulb.  Coming off of the upstairs addition, I also didn't want to spend a fortune,either.  So, when a friend called from a trip to Pottery Barn a few weeks ago and said a pair of Estelle stacked glass table lamps were on clearance for more than half off, I couldn't say no!

These pictures just don't do the lamps justice, they are so beautiful.  And they are HUGE - 33 inches to the tip of the finial, to be exact.  When it comes to lighting, I tend to find bigger is better for a dramatic impact and these lamps definitely deliver.  And if you really want to dial up the drama, a large scale mirror will do the trick!

I found this one a few years back at HomeGoods but it had a yellowed finish that looked like it had spend half a century inside a chain smoker's house.  So, I gave it a little refreshing with a "zinc" paint treatment and I LOVE how it turned out.  Here are the step-by-step instructions on how I created the finish - it's so easy and one of my favorite paint treatments, mostly because the messier the better!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


seagrass rugs in any size you need at pottery barn!

Thank you all for the sweet comments and suggestions about my dining room furniture in yesterday's post!  I think it's time to part ways and let it go to someone else's house who will love it! 

Today I'm moving on to my entry; last fall I posted my plans for a mini makeover for my foyer that included adding some board and batten to the walls and painting the ceiling pale blue.  I never posted after pictures because I'm OCD and didn't ever feel the space was truly "finished" because I could never find a rug that fit! You'd think finding a bordered seagrass rug would be easy enough but it turns out, the standard rug sizes didn't work for my entry.  I needed a 4x9, and after calling around and getting a handful of estimates of more than $1,000 (!?) for the size I needed, I resigned myself to the fact that we would go without one, indefinitely.   And then one day last November by sheer luck, I randomly stumbled onto custom-sized bordered seagrass rugs at Pottery Barn and the prices made me do a double take!  A 4x9 would run me just $250 and it just so happened they were having a sale on all their rugs so I ended up getting mine for $175!!  The length is perfect and the quality is amazing. 

You pick the length and width you need and the color border you want and you're done!  Because it's a custom order, the website says it will take up to three weeks to receive it but I got mine in less than two! 

I've used my fair share of seagrass rugs in my home as well as many client's homes and, for the price, you just can't beat the look, warmth, texture and practicality.  And on top of all that, my foyer finally feels complete, which makes me very happy!

If you're on the hunt for an abnormal size rug and don't want to break the bank, first, I say consider seagrass (if you can't tell, it's my FAVORITE) and two, check out Pottery Barn's custom sizes. 

Happy Thursday!


entryway before + a mini revamp plan

We are in the midst of a little mini makeover for our foyer and I can't tell you how excited I am to get it underway!  I've kept it pretty simple the last four years with a linen slipcovered console table, a pair of lamps and a grid gallery wall of framed book pages; it was simple and perfectly fine but now I'm just ready for a bit of a change.  Because there are a few other rooms I'd also like to give a little love to, I've had to get creative with how to make the most dramatic change here on the tiniest of budgets.  Remember that oversize round mirror I scored at HomeGoods a few months back?  Everything here will be based around that beauty.  Here is what the foyer currently looks like:

The framed sea life prints are relocating to my guest bedroom (another room that will be getting a little love next!):

The console table is staying, and, in an attempt to save a little dough, the lamps will, too (and also because the pair I'm coveting for this space cost about as much as a kidney):

Even though this is the first space you see when you walk into the house, you can also see it from the dining room, living room and breakfast nook.  So, because I can see it from every angle all day long, I want it to be perfect:

A long and narrow shot from the living room into the foyer:

The plan is to add some floor-to-ceiling wainscoting and paint it crisp white to contrast with the dark floors.  I'm also going to paint the ceiling and back of the front door a shade darker than the gray/blue in the rest of the living spaces. A soft, but hardworking jute rug will add some much-needed texture.

After asking you all whether I should give the mirror the weathered wood finish or a "zinc" paint treatment, an overwhelming number of you said weathered wood.  But, because the sunburst mirror over my mantel has a similar finish, I'm going to give it a chalky "zinc" treatment, instead.  I think the contrast against the white walls will be striking. A few of my blue and white ginger jars for good measure and an oversize seagrass basket I already have will serve for storage, and a few framed family photos will complete the look.

We are doing all the work ourselves, but with a baby and a hubby who is away a lot, I'm hoping that we will be able to get this done as soon as possible so I can show you the afters! 


8 amazing entries

We're about to give our entryway a little love and make some easy, inexpensive changes for some serious impact (can't wait to show you!) As a result, I've been stalking my way through pinterest getting ideas and really, just satisfying my thirst for eye candy in the middle of the night when I've been up a million times and can't get back to sleep.  For me, the entry is the most important room in the house because one, it's the first room people see and two, it sets the tone of what's to come in the rest of the house. Here are eight amazing entryways that caught my eye and have me super excited to get our revamp underway!

This entry by Steven Gambrel is, hands down, my all-time favorite (and if I'm being honest, it's the inspiration behind our little entry revamp!)  The gray-blue walls and trim painted one shade darker, the blue painted doors, the oversize convex mirror and antique table are just divine.  The wicker trunk and sea sponge fingers add texture and just the right amount of a nautical touch:

Formal entries usually aren't my thing, but I just can't stop drooling over this one by Carpenter and MacNeille architects.  Another Dutch door, this one with a view to the sea, gorgeous millwork, built-in console tables and blue and white ginger jars is just perfection:

I love layered spaces, but sometimes the simpler the better.  White walls, a wood pedestal table, a round jute rug, fresh greenery and a bench is stunning in its simplicity in this entryway:

This oceanfront home by David Netto is absolutely spectacular but the entryway takes my breath away!  There is so much to love about this space despite the size (it's bigger than my first apartment!) - that fabulous black Dutch door and ceiling painted to match, the built-in bookcase with orange painted backing and beautiful molding details mixed with more modern and casual elements like a gnarled wood table and a striped dhurrie keep the ginormous space feeling fun and fresh.  The travertine floors keep the space light and airy:

Just because you don't have a lot of space in your foyer doesn't mean you can't make a dramatic impact.  This narrow entryway via Elle Decor gets serious wow factor from contrast: white board and batten walls are so crisp against a high gloss black banister and ebony floors.  Clean, classic and stunning:

It's all about symmetry (and an amazing ikat settee!) in this entryway by Timothy Whealon, between matching topiary, brass floor lamps and gorgeous millwork.  I love the idea of seating in a foyer - it's a great way to be functional while also introducing fabulous color and pattern, as well:

Planked walls, a simple console table, eye popping artwork and beautiful slate floors in this entry by designer Scott Sanders are simple but classic.  Another great example of making a big impact in a small space while still being functional:

White and bright is my go-to for entryways, but this high gloss, all black entryway featured in House and Home a few years ago makes my heart skip a beat!  Paired with checkerboard floors, nothing else is necessary  - high drama with just a few simple elements.  Perfection:


oversize welcome

When it comes to decorating an entryway or foyer, I am a firm believer that you're best off going big or going home. A large piece of art or a generously-sized gallery wall are great options, but, for me, nothing makes a dramatic impact quite like an oversize mirror.  Round, square, rectangular or sunburst, only one thing matters....the bigger, the better.  Mirrors can do wonders for even the smallest entryway - they bounce light, make even the smallest space live large and create a beautiful focal point.  Here are a few foyers that wouldn't be half as amazing without the hellp of their beautiful, ginormous mirrors:

Steven Gambrel

Daniel Romualdez via Vogue

Victoria Hagan via Architectural Digest

Ruthie Sommers

House and Home

Atlanta Homes & Gardens

Christy Ford via Lonny

Colleen McGill

Ina Garten via House Beautiful

Have a wonderful weekend!