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new foyer lamps + how to create a "zinc" finish

Three blog posts in one week, can you believe it?  I'm still behind on laundry by three loads, but I have to say, it feels soooooo good to be back to blogging on what I hope I can make a regular basis!  On the heels of Wednesday's post, I still have lighting on the brain, this time in the form of new pair of huge table lamps for my foyer!  If you follow me on Instagram (@bungalowblue) you may remember me posting a while back about how one of the lamps in my foyer mysteriously broke into one hundred pieces while we were watching Game of Thrones last season.  I've had such a hard time findinganother pair  that I like that are also big enough; the last set was 31 inches high which is perfect for us because both the hubby and I are tall and I hate walking by and being able to see over the lamp and seeing the bulb.  Coming off of the upstairs addition, I also didn't want to spend a fortune,either.  So, when a friend called from a trip to Pottery Barn a few weeks ago and said a pair of Estelle stacked glass table lamps were on clearance for more than half off, I couldn't say no!

These pictures just don't do the lamps justice, they are so beautiful.  And they are HUGE - 33 inches to the tip of the finial, to be exact.  When it comes to lighting, I tend to find bigger is better for a dramatic impact and these lamps definitely deliver.  And if you really want to dial up the drama, a large scale mirror will do the trick!

I found this one a few years back at HomeGoods but it had a yellowed finish that looked like it had spend half a century inside a chain smoker's house.  So, I gave it a little refreshing with a "zinc" paint treatment and I LOVE how it turned out.  Here are the step-by-step instructions on how I created the finish - it's so easy and one of my favorite paint treatments, mostly because the messier the better!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


seagrass rugs in any size you need at pottery barn!

Thank you all for the sweet comments and suggestions about my dining room furniture in yesterday's post!  I think it's time to part ways and let it go to someone else's house who will love it! 

Today I'm moving on to my entry; last fall I posted my plans for a mini makeover for my foyer that included adding some board and batten to the walls and painting the ceiling pale blue.  I never posted after pictures because I'm OCD and didn't ever feel the space was truly "finished" because I could never find a rug that fit! You'd think finding a bordered seagrass rug would be easy enough but it turns out, the standard rug sizes didn't work for my entry.  I needed a 4x9, and after calling around and getting a handful of estimates of more than $1,000 (!?) for the size I needed, I resigned myself to the fact that we would go without one, indefinitely.   And then one day last November by sheer luck, I randomly stumbled onto custom-sized bordered seagrass rugs at Pottery Barn and the prices made me do a double take!  A 4x9 would run me just $250 and it just so happened they were having a sale on all their rugs so I ended up getting mine for $175!!  The length is perfect and the quality is amazing. 

You pick the length and width you need and the color border you want and you're done!  Because it's a custom order, the website says it will take up to three weeks to receive it but I got mine in less than two! 

I've used my fair share of seagrass rugs in my home as well as many client's homes and, for the price, you just can't beat the look, warmth, texture and practicality.  And on top of all that, my foyer finally feels complete, which makes me very happy!

If you're on the hunt for an abnormal size rug and don't want to break the bank, first, I say consider seagrass (if you can't tell, it's my FAVORITE) and two, check out Pottery Barn's custom sizes. 

Happy Thursday!


a new console table

I had this linen pleated slipcover made for the table in my foyer right after we moved in five years ago - it was one of the first items I pulled the trigger on for the new house and it's still one of my favorites (and the fact that it has remained in the same spot for half a decade is truly a testament to how much I love it!)  Lately, though, I've been itching to put something more substantial here and move the skirted table to a perfect little spot upstairs where we are going to add a guest suite. 

My foyer is long and narrow; ideally, I'd love a wood table that is long enough to run the length of the wall adjacent to the front door.  After coming up empty-handed in my search, I decided making one myself would be the best way to get exactly what I want while also making it fit within the space.  I ended up looking at a bunch of gorgeous dining tables and fell in love with a few styles that I thought would look amazing.  Modifying the width to accommodate the front door wouldn't be difficult at all, and sticking to a simple design would make the construction process a lot easier.  Here are a few I'm debating between:

I love, love, LOVE the gorgeous, oversize turned legs of this one - the cerused oak finish would look stunning against the white board and batten and a pair of huge seagrass baskets like these would not only provide extra storage but the texture would warm up the space:

I also love the rounded edges and double legs on each end of this one.  Super simple but so, so lovely:

This beauty is another favorite; the legs are gorgeous and, overall, it's such a simple design but the zinc-covered top just gives it so much interest and character! 

There is a mill not too far from my house and I'm going to see if I can find some pieces of oak, and if not, I can always make the white pine that is always in stock at Lowe's or Home Depot work, too.  There isn't anything you can't make look amazing with stain and a little distressing; the trick (I've learned) is to use extra thick pieces of wood.  Oh, and a little bit of liming wax to get that cerused oak finish:

There are some beautiful, unfinished wood dining table legs out there; just make sure you get the same type of wood as the top and apron on the table so that the stain looks cohesive. Here are a few of my favorites from here:

A color-bound seagrass rug like this one would be the last thing to finally make the entry feel complete and, again, add texture (which you can never have too much of, in my book!)

If I can make a decision as to which style table to go with, I'll be sure to post some progress posts!  Which style table is your favorite?


knock, knock

I'm on the hunt for an antiqued brass knocker for our front door, which is proving to be no easy task, given the bevy of beautiful options there are!  With Spring right around the corner, a door knocker is a great way to freshen up your front porch or entry for warmer weather!  By now you know that I'm all about making a fabulous first impression to your home and that usually starts outside, so a door knocker is a great way to add personality and charm!   I've always loved the idea of a pineapple, as it's the traditional symbol of hospitality, but there are SO many unique and interesting options out there, from nautical to beachy to DOGS (!) and more that I had to round up a few of my favorites.  I'm obsessed with the labrador retriever (it comes in many different breeds!) and even though all of my picks are in brass, many of them are also available in different finishes:

Oyster / Labrador retriever / Pineapple / Monogram / Sea scallop / Lobster

Large brass ring / Anchor / Whale tail / Pinecone / Fox

I hope you're all off to a great start this Monday!


elements of an amazing entry

I've got beautiful entries and foyers on the brain lately; it seems like that's all that keeps popping up on Pinterest as of late and I'm absolutely obsessed with every last detail that have passed through my feed!  Entries are one of my favorite rooms to style not only because it's the first room people see when they enter your home but also because it sets the tone of what's to come in the rest of your house.  Here are a few gorgeous entries that I'm loving lately:

S. Russell Groves


Jake Eastham Photography

Charlotte Barnes


Chango and Co.

Kelly McGuill

Here are a few picks for creating an amazing first impression in your entry.  These are also the same elements I turn to for my clients' foyers as well as my own!

1.  Start with an amazing table to anchor the space.  I love the lines of this Norris console table from Mecox and the whitewashed burlap covering is an unexpected touch that adds so much texture and interest!

2.  A statement mirror or oversize art is a must.  I'm partial to mirrors in an entryway (the bigger the better) but oversize artwork, photography or a series of prints hung in a grid pattern add just the same amount of drama and impact! 

3.  Add beautiful lighting.  A pair of gorgeous lamps, sconces or candle sconces are a must for creating ambience, symmetry and a sculptural element.

4.  Fresh greens are always a good idea!  Topiary, potted orchids, ferns, a vase of fresh blooms or magnolia leaves are one of my favorite ways for bringing a fresh element and a pop of color. 

5.  Don't forget decorative objects!  A stack of books, coral, bowls, trays, framed photographs, candles, seashells found on your last vacation are a great way to personalize your space.

6.  Add an area rug.  Unify your space (especially if you have an open floor plan), add a pop of color and texture, too.  Rugs can be as pretty as they are practical.  I'm loving this handspun jute rug and this navy Surya Smithsonian beauty:

How do you like to style your entry?