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a little christmas cheer in lydia's room

We are in full-on Christmas mode over here, baking cookies, listening to holiday tunes, burning our Christmas lights 24/7 and counting the days until Santa's arrival!  The most wonderful time of the year is even more magical when you're experiencing it through the eyes of your almost three year old and I'm loving every single minute as much as she is! We've had the house decorated since, literally, five minutes after Thanksgiving dinner, and this year we added some Christmas cheer to Lydia's room, as well.   Last week, she asked me for a Christmas tree for her room and, after gallivanting all over town and coming up empty-handed, I stuck some fresh cut branches in a glass vase and wrapped some twinkle lights around them.  Improvisation at its best!  I added some more twinkle lights to her gallery wall, and a stack of our favorite Christmas books and a miniature nutcracker to her chest.  My aunt sent her a sweet surprise over the weekend - a porcelain Christmas tree with the most beautiful lights and it's our new favorite heirloom as she won't go to sleep without it! Her room is so cozy to begin with but now even I have a hard time turning the lights out after reading our books at bedtime!  Since the weather's been too crappy to take pics of the Christmas decorations throughout the rest of the house (and to be honest, it's not much different from last year), I snapped a few shots of her room this morning:

Hope you're all enjoying these last few magical days before Santa comes!


our christmas decor + the one finger rule

Hello, hello!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! It was 75 degrees and sunny here so we spent almost all of ours outside, but I did manage to snap a few (hundred) photos of my Christmas decor before my greens are completely fried!  Every year I swear I'm never buying the real stuff again because it dries out within two weeks but every year I end up eating my words and coming home with another 75 feet.  I just can't resist the smell! As for decorations, I was curious to see how much would get broken or go missing because Lydia just couldn't help herself but then an Instagram friend told me about her genius "one finger rule" she had for her boys when they were little.  They were allowed to touch anything they wanted but just with one finger and nothing ever got broken.  It's worked well for Lydia, who loves everything and anything sparkly or glass and pretty, and, knock on wood, nothing has been broken, so thank you for the suggestion, Pat! 

Other than our tree ornaments, our decor is pretty simple: fresh evergreen garlands, bowls of clementines and wreaths.  Here are a few snaps of what I came up with this year:

I went a little "Fat-guy-in-a-little-coat" with the front door wreath this year; I had to trim a little back just to be able to close the door!

A few black and white photos of my parents sledding when they were kids paired with framed Christmas quotes I bought years ago from Pottery Barn mix with the normal decor on my built-ins:

The nutcrackers were in my house growing up and my mom gave them to us for our first Christmas after my husband and I got married.  One is missing his nose (thank you, little miss!) but I love how it seems like they are standing guard over our framed family photos in the foyer:

I always throw some white pine garland over the hutch in my breakfast room and this year I filled my clam shell from Z Gallerie with as many clementines as it could hold:

More white pine garland and a preserved boxwood wreath hung by navy striped grosgrain ribbon in the entryway:

Gold spray paint glams up some unfinished wood letters from Walmart:

White lights and more garland are a must on the fireplace.  I was so inspired by a mantle in the study of designer Steven Gambrel's Sag Harbor home which was decorated simply with empty glass apothocary jars that I decided to do the same for mine.  They look so gorgeous with the lights on at night!

My clam shell from ZGallerie is on sale now; it's one of my favorite decorative accessories and would make a lovely gift idea:

My mom's childhood sled has pride of place, propped up on my hutch; I love the pop of red and, apparently, so does Lydia, who takes it down multiple times a day to "ride":

Close-up shelfie:

Happy Monday!


simple christmas

Pregnancy has slowed me down considerably the last week and a half and I couldn't be more grateful; it's given me a chance to take my time and focus on things I haven't had time for before (namely, anything in my own house!) Putting up my Christmas decorations has been one of the things I've relished most;  I'll admit, I was ready to get a tree the day after Halloween (and even had a string of white lights on the mantle for a week or two before Thanksgiving to keep things festive when I couldn't sleep at night!) I've kept my decorations simple the last few years and this Christmas, especially, sticking to fresh evergreens and garlands, magnolia branches, jute rope as garland for the tree, a piece of burlap as a tree skirt for some texture and a handful of my favorite ornaments (my porcelain milk bones!)  That's it. I think Baby Girl is going to love it; I know her Momma does!

Our local nursery was kind enough to let me have as many extra branches as I could haul away...I stuck them in dirt in my urns flanking the front door - with a little water, they last well beyond Christmas! And reason #389,762 to paint your front door high gloss black; fresh evergreens look so amazing against it!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! 

Progress pics of the nursery coming on Monday!


get the look: and george

I have been in love with the Christmas decor of Christy Ford, owner of antiques shop And George in Charlottesville, Virginia, since it was featured in the Washington Post and on Christy's blog years ago.  Dressed in light blues, lime green and golds and using citrus as accents is such a refreshing change from traditional red, green and plaid and it works so well with her existing decor that her Christmas decorations become more of a compliment than the actual focal point!  Fresh garlands, wreaths and white tulips interwoven with blue and white ginger jars add to the layered feel and keep the light, bright space feeling cozy...her living and dining room are sheer perfection:

Here are my picks for getting the look at home:

clementines / blue + white ginger jars / boxwood wreath / sunburst mirror / faux coral /

glass ornaments / pewter tray / cocktail napkins / clam shell / oyster shell votive

Happy Hump Day!


holiday wreath roundup: 10 best

Nothing gets me more excited this time of year than decorating for Christmas and second behind a tree, my holiday decor must-have is a bevy of fabulous wreaths!  Fresh evergreen wreaths are always the best, but when you live in a part of the country where you never know what the weather is going to be like, it's best to have a mix of faux beauties in there, as well.  (Last year, we had a few days of 85-degree weather in December and it dried out all my garland and live wreaths!).  Here are my top ten favorite holiday wreaths - from preserved boxwoods to spray painted berry wreaths, each one is gorgeous and won't break the piggy bank!

Preserved boxwood -I've professed my love for these emerald beauties (see my post here); they are just as beautiful in Fall as well as the Christmas season and they look especially lovely on glossy black front doors.  Love this one from West Elm:

Olive branch - I haven't been able to stop thinking about this combination of glossy black door, olive branch wreath and wood monogram since I saw it a few weeks ago.  A modern twist on traditional holiday wreaths, I love the bright green and fullness of this one:

Willow wreaths are so simple and elegant, making such a beautiful statement on their own or adorned with berries or fresh greenery.  Love this statement maker from Shop Terrain:

Magnolia - Nothing compares to the waxy, emerald leaves of a Magnolia tree and when they start to dry out, they turn a beautiful, rusty orange/brown.  Love this live one from Pottery Barn:

Gold berry wreath - this gold-painted plastic berry wreath Erika from Urban Grace featured in a Thanksgiving table setting a few years ago is still one of my absolute favorites!  Everything's better when covered in bright gold and hung by a black and white ticking stripe ribbon, isn't it?  You can find wreaths at TJMaxx, HomeGoods or any craft store really (I found the one below from Hayneedle) and then cover with light, even coats of Rustoleum Metallic Gold spray paint:

Bittersweet is not something you see often around these parts, but the color and texture are such a beautiful, not to mention unique, Autumn accent.  I love the deep orange and bright yellow berries in this one, a handmade beauty that is harvested to maintain its berries:

Bay leaf - Add some holiday cheer to your front door, built ins or windows with a bay leaf wreath and then use it to add flavor to soups and sauces!  This one from Williams Sonoma is just as pretty as it is practical and is a perfect gift idea for the perpetual hostess or cook in your life:


Book page wreath - this is one of the easiest (though a bit time consuming) DIY's that makes such a dramatic impact in your Christmas decor and it's also a wonderful gift idea for friends and family.  Check out how I made this one below here.  And for those who aren't so craft-inclined, there are a ton of options for sale on Etsy, including this unique rosette version:

Moss wreath - I'm still in love with the reindeer moss wreath hanging on my front door (see my tutorial here) and think it could easily transition from Fall to the holidays.  For those who want a little mossy green loveliness for their home without having to make one themselves, here is a beautiful alternative to homemade:

Pinecone wreath - another super easy DIY that is not only perfect for Fall or Christmas, but can easily keep your front door looking festive long after the holidays when everything is bleak and boring after all Christmas decor comes down!  I love this one hung inside an empty frame and posted a tutorial on how to make one last year here, but for those who'd rather buy, here's one already assembled:


What is your favorite holiday wreath?