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entertaining essentials for the holiday season

The only thing that excites me as much as eating dinner on Thanksgiving is how I'm going to set my table for the big day!  Some of my favorite holiday memories are centered around the table and how much more special is it when that table is decked out to the nines?  Lydia has even gotten into picking fresh flowers and which cloth napkins she wants with which plates - it's so much fun having a little one to share in the fun!  With only two days until the big day, I've got my favorite entertaining basics on hand and ready to go - pieces I use all year long and then dress up for the holidays with beautiful linens, flowers and a little favor at each plate.  Here are a few of my favorite entertaining staples that are the jumping off point for a beautiful Thanksgiving table and that will last throughout the entire holiday season, just in case you're in need of some inspiration (and the best part is that almost all of this can be found at your nearest mall or HomeGoods!)

Rattan chargers / French wine glasses / Rattan wrapped tumblers / Tortoise ice bucket

Simple white platters / Bamboo flatware / Unscented votive candles / Marble and brass tray


welcome back!

Helllooooooooo!  This has been quite the long blogging pause, hasn't it? It turns out, being a momma to two littles with a hubby who is gone for more than half of the year, doesn't leave much time (or energy) leftover for blogging. Not to mention the fact that Luca is still waking up A LOT at night, which makes it a little more difficult to focus and blog at the end of the day.  As much as I've loved posting here over the years, I always said that if it began to feel more like work than fun, I would stop.  All summer long, I kept lists of ideas and projects to post but at the end of the day, I was just too exhausted to sit in front of the computer when I could be grabbing whatever sleep I could get.  So, instead of sweating the blog, I focused on making this an unforgettable summer for my littles  - swimming til our piggies pruned, lots of play dates, trips for ice cream and countless movie nights.  And you know what?  In the end, a blogging break was just what I needed to find inspiration once again; and I actually got the chance to make some changes to my own home, instead of just blogging about them! 

So, now it's time to focus on something other than breastfeeding and when Luca will finally sleep through the night, because Lord knows I could use something else to talk about!!   I've spent the last couple months writing, snapping and editing pictures and starting new projects, all of which I'm excited to share here.  I have no idea if there's even anyone still stopping by here or not but I hope to get my rhthym back quickly and I thought it might be a good idea to reintroduce myself for anyone still following along!  Welcome to Bungalow Blue!  I'm Kelly - wife, momma to Lydia and Luca, interior decorator, habitual blogger, treasure hunter, relentless DIY-er and dog lover - always looking for the beauty in the every day.  Looking forward to seeing you back here real soon!


july 4th

Happy Independence Day from my family to yours!  I hope you all enjoy an amazing day, filled with friends, family, too much food and a cocktail or two (or three!)  I'll be back up and running after the long, slow weekend. Cheers!


an insta garden to love

If I hadn't ended up in interiors, I think I would have loved landscape design.  For me, there is nothing more satisfying or therapeutic than planting, pulling weeds, trimming bushes, deadheading flowers or picking plants and blooms for my pots.  After having lived in this house for seven years now, our landscaping (all of which we planted ourselves) has really taken off and gotten to a place where everything has filled in so nicely, it makes me so happy to pull into my driveway!

I'm crushing so hard lately on landscaping pics that pop up on my Instagram feed because the hubby "accidentally" got his weed kill mixed up earlier this spring and ended up killing all the bermuda grass on three sides of the pool, grr.  One of my favorites to follow for landscaping eye candy is Kelli Delaney of KDHamptons.  Kelli was one of the very first people I followed on Instagram and all these years later, I'm still so enamored by the perfectly manicured grounds on her Hamptons property, including her pergola-covered patio, the hydrangeas wrapping around her front porch, creeping roses and slate-surrounded pool.  It's seriously a little slice of heaven:


blue + white lumbar pillow love

Mark D. Sikes

I have the itch to change things up around here so bad.  I blame Instagram and the fact that I've been too exhausted / busy with my littles the last nine months to do anything more than a little zhushing of my corner built-ins, but change is good and so I'm going to start small with some new pillows for my living room.  First up is lumbar pillows for the two chairs.  I'm so excited to bring a different shade of blue and white to my linen pieces for the warmer months because, let's face it, there's no other color combination that screams summer.  As for my beloved Robert Allen pillows on my sofa now, I'm too attached to part with them so I'll be relocating them to the new guest room upstairs! 

Etsy is always my first stop for budget-friendly pillows; I used to source fabric by the yard and then have my seamstress make them for me in year's past but, in the end, it actually ended up being more expensive and time consuming, so now it's Etsy all the way!   Spark Modern is always my first stop for pillows and, in this case, I didn't have to look any further as I'm obsessed with pretty much each and every one of the blue and white lumbar pillows.  Here are a few picks I'm loving lately.  Now to just narrow it down (I want them ALL!)

Happy Monday!